A concept festival that brings to life the forest of the Central Balkans. A territory where freedom of mind and body reigns. An invisible temple in which you can look deeper into yourself. A magical world in which thoughts and feelings govern matter.

On the hot nights of August, we unite with a single goal – to connect with each other through energy, music and love!

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what to expect?

2 Stages
Dj sets
live acts
Art installations
Hippie market
Hollistic practices

4 magical days
in the balkans
of bulgaria

This year, we are expanding perceptions of lost land to new dimensions. More days, more activities, more space and nature.

Immerse yourself in the timelessness of the Lost GIPSY LAND utopia.

a reel of beautiful moments from 2021

featured artists
to be announced

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food & beverage

A variety of food and drinks await you. Special menu from guest chefs, including vegan options. Fresh cocktails and much more …

art performances

As a mirage from the forest come creatures that captivate the mind and together with the music grab our souls. An experience impossible to describe in words.

the hippie market

In the lost land you will find handmade finds by nomads, bohemian souls and artists who have put their hearts into their creations.

katun area

Each ticket to the festival includes access to our “Katun”. Wild meadow, surrounded by forest, uniquely clean air and the most beautiful festival vibe. For your convenience, there are adventure sanitary facilities and showers with lukewarm water. There is no electricity, so we recommend that you bring charged batteries and other amenities for wild camping.


We will be happy to welcome you with your own ‘katun’;). We do not yet have developed facilities for connection to electricity and water, so get ready for an off the grid experience. There is a designated place for all caravans, and you will also be able to use the bathrooms of our katun.

serendipity village

Serendipity village is an island of tranquility with a sense of privacy, adding value to the overall experience of the Lost Gipsy Land festival.

Holistic practices of mind and body, conceptual mini market, astrological reading, human design, reiki and more practices will be an opportunity for a parallel break from the intensity of the festival sound and a path to yourself just when you feel most free.

when and where?

In the heart of Stara Planina amidst immensely beautiful nature, in the village of Valevtsi near the area of Pisaniya Kamak, as an oasis, but in the forest, every year the magic of LOST GIPSY LAND is born

25 - 28 august 2022


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How do I get an access bracelet?

After purchasing the ticket of your choice, you will receive an email containing your unique order number, invoice, and a document with important information. Upon arrival at the festival, please provide an identity document and your unique order number. You do not need to print anything, just let us know your names and order number.

I bought more than 1 ticket. How will my group gain access?

If one person has bought more than one ticket, you will receive the same number of bracelets as the tickets you bought. You are responsible for the bracelets reaching your friends for whom the tickets are.

Where to stay?

Here are some of our partners in the region:

  • Guest House Slaveyche / Kupen 0899816046
  • Guest House Karashka / Selishte 089 876 7005
  • Guest House Hristovata / Selishte 0884773656
  • Eco farm Peevi / Troentsi 088 688 8198
  • Guest House Mountain View / Batoshevo 088 515 0814
  • Guest House Louisa / Batoshevo 067 395 547
  • Romance / Kravenik Complex 088 920 8515
  • House Rositsa / Lugat +359 893 676 383
  • Hotel Par Avion / Apriltsi 087 980 8222
  • Hotel Maragidik / Apriltsi 088 839 5542
  • Hotel The Quiet Corner / Apriltsi 088 684 9083
What is a camping area?

The camping area is included in your festival ticket. It will be available from Thursday night, and it will also have access control. The camping area does not work with prior reservation! The area is extremely large and each of you is free to position your tent where you see fit. The camping area has toilets and showers. There is no electricity in the camping area - we advise you to get flashlights or flashlights to illuminate your forest home for three days.

Organized transport to the festivals?

In addition to your personal transport, for your convenience, we have organized transport.


A schedule of Shuttle transport in the festival area will be published at a later stage on all communication channels of Bedouin Entertainment & No Orders. It is enough to have the ticket on your phone. In case of exhaustion of places for a certain date and time or other questions, contact @ getabus.bg on facebook or by phone: 0898645980

How do we protect nature?

Dear friends, we make a huge request to you to show respect to Mother Nature. Collect your waste carefully and dispose of it in designated areas. We invite you to be aware and responsible, and to leave the Balkans as it welcomes and embraces us. When our soul is pure, everything around us must reflect this purity

What measures are you taking against COVID-19?

Of particular importance is the adoption of preventive measures to prevent infection with COVID 19, identified by the WHO and the Ministry of Health, namely:

the temperature of each visitor will be measured at the entrance of the event. In the presence of inflated values, the person will not be admitted to the festival site;
application of general hygiene rules regarding hand hygiene and

food hygiene;

avoid contact with visibly ill people, especially those with cough and / or fever;
avoid contact with people if you cough or feel unwell; PLEASE DON'T ATTEND THE EVENT!
clean your hands regularly with a disinfectant based on at least 60% alcohol

and / or washing with soap and water;

in case of sneezing and coughing, cover the mouth and nose with the bend of the elbow or with a napkin, which is immediately discarded in a closed basket / container;
adherence to very good hygiene - washing and disinfecting hands is the key to protection from the virus. Hands should be washed frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands!
keeping a distance of at least a meter and a half.

Dear friends and followers, let us together be responsible for our own health and the health of others!

Is the festival canceled in bad weather?

In case of an unpleasant weather forecast, the festival will continue as planned, unless the organizers (Bedouin Entertainment & No Orders) announce otherwise through their official channels. Remember that despite the summer months, Bedouin is located in the mountains and the evening can be cooler than usual.

what are the security measures?

There is only one entrance and exit + security checkpoint.

It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, drugs or weapons on the territory of the festival. Each of you will be checked at the entrance.

Bedouin Entertainment & No Orders is not responsible for the loss of tickets, order numbers, personal belongings or bracelets for access to or outside the festival grounds. All those present must be familiar with the safety rules and comply with them. The organizers do not take responsibility for any products or services from external contractors or companies.

Our organization has ZERO TOLERANCE to drug use! We ask that you comply with this and be responsible for your actions and decisions. We expect an increased presence and inspections of the Ministry of Interior in Sevlievo in the region and at the festival.

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